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Welcome to site analytic services
To subscribe to our analytical data service you must first be registered and have approved sites in our index. Once your site/s are approved you may subscribe to our service to view detailed data on your site/s traffic.
To view analytic data for all your listed sites with one subscription is currently £5.00 which lasts 28 days. We provide services like these to help improve your site but also help keep Top 50 Crafters online.
You will gain access to:
  • Advanced traffic information to help you identify areas of your site that are popular and which pages could use more advertising or other improvements. View times when visitors most often view your site and which areas of your site they are most likely to arrive at.

  • Use our SEO tools to go collection information about your site instantly and display the results in an easy to view format.

  • Using a combination of the data can help you know what times are best to launch a sale and potentially what product categories to increase sales and more.

  • New: Suggestions and warnings based on collected data now displayed at the bottom of the analytics area!

  • The analytic area is under constant development to add more features over time, the price however will not change!