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Looking to promote your website?
  • We have 5 advertising slots to promote sites, located after every 10 sites listed. Adverts rotate blocks randomly.
  • Our homepage updates every 60 minutes, adverts remain in their given spot during that time then rotate.
  • Any legitimate crafting / hobby based site may advertise on Top50Crafters
  • Your site will be cycled for views equally with all other promoted sites for an even view count per day
  • If you select to promote a site already registered and approved then your advert will go live instantly once payment is completed and confirmed
  • IMPORTANT: If your site is not registered with us then please do so first, if you wish to only advertise then please Use our contact page here and let us know. Our system requires your site be listed in order to automatically acquire home page images from your site on a regular basis.
Time period:1 week
Price:£10.00 via PayPal™